Flooding Mitigation

Flooding Mitigation.

Flooding at a property can occur for a number of reasons. This could be due to a blockage on the drainage network. Climate change also plays a part in this, due to unpredictable weather and rising sea levels,  especially if you are located next to a watercourse.
At Drainflo, we carry out flooding mitigation surveys to see what risk your property is under and then we can put systems in place to help mitigate any flooding, particularly when flooding could be down to hydraulic inadequacy.  Non-return valves and gullies could be installed along with other avenues of mitigation.
In certain circumstances, we could divert the surface water from your property to a watercourse to take some of the demand off your drainage network. This would also save you money with your water provider, as you then wouldn’t have to pay your surface water charge,
Installing adequate land drainage could also be an option for you, if you experience external flooding at your property which pools in your garden or driveway etc.